Mini Spell Candles

Mini Spell Candles


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Mini Spell Candles

Perfect for setting intentions & manifesting working with candle color magick.

Color Correspondances:

Brown~ House blessing, Stability, Perseverance, Grounding, Animal Magick, Material gain, Longevity

Green~ Element of Earth, Abundance, Prosperity, Peace, Balance, Healing, Growth, Luck, Fertility

Dark Blue~ Element of Water, Joy, Laughter, Dreams, Emotion, Loyalty, Fealty, Seeking Truth, Meditation

Lavender~ Intuition, Paranormal, Dream Work, Spiritual Protection, Consecration, Introspection

Light Blue~ Spirituality, Inspiration, Pursual, Truth, Harmony, Guidance, Amplifying Creativity, Perception

Orange~ Vitality, Energy, Stamina, Good Fortune, Career Success, Positivity, Sex Magick, Adaptability

Pink~ Love Magick, Devotion, Affection, Friendship, Forgiveness, Harmony, Spiritual Healing, Self-love

Purple~ Awakening, Meditation, Psychic Ability, Divination, Astral Travel, Sovereignty, Ambition

Red~ Element of fire, Passion, Sexuality, Urgency, Power, Courage, Strength, Action

White~  Purification, Protection, Enlightenment, Clairvoyance, Blessings, Repels Negative energy

Black~ Banishing, Absorbing & Destroying Negative Energies, Protection, Shapeshifting, Inner Strength

Silver~ Ambition, Awareness, Beginnings, Enchantment, Influence, Moon Magick, Influence

Gold~ Abundance, Astral Realms, Attraction, Awareness, Confidence, Creativity, Divination

Yellow~Element of Air, Focus, Intellect, Logic, Improve Visualization, Memory, Self-esteem