Sacred Paths

Shakti Rose, has been herb-crafting for over 30 years. 
Starting as a single mother, learning the art of medicinal teas, balms
 + oils, inspired by Native American ethnobotony + Cultural Anthropology, she began studying Naturopathy thru Clayton College University, and a long vast exploration with many herbal teachers, shamans, healers + medicine keepers.
Later, raising 4 children on an organic farm, which included a medicine wheel garden, flowers + vegetables, she began bringing the art of Tea to farmers markets + CSA subscriptions, leading Medicine Circles + exploring how to empower others: People over Profit.
Learning the art of growing from seed, cultivating, brought her knowledge + appreciation of the Human Spirit's connection to Mother Earth + all Her Relations to a new level. She became inspired to open a local Apothecary + Tea Bar. 7 years later she birthed the dream alive + Crafted a line of herbal tonics + elixirs, signiture tea blends + a witches den full of magick + wonder.  
As the Seasons have brought  new Light + Shadows through more life changes, she now offers her product-line through various vendors + here...this magical web of delight.

Shakti wild-crafts the majority of the herbs for the elixir + tonic line we offer 
We have to out-source many of our ingredients for our Tea Blends, + whenever possible, source + support local farmers + herbal vendors.
We thoroughly research our herb suppliers, creating a relationship with our suppliers, ensuring only the finest ingredients are purchased, fair wages applied + sustainable farming practices are being held to the highest standard.

All of the products are hand made in small batches for quality assurance.
Each product is dated with a batch number for identification + trace-ability.
They use 100% post-consumer recycled paper.
They recycle and/or reuse all plastic, glass, cardboard + paper materials consumed.
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