Air Bender Roller "Elemental Collection"

Air Bender Roller "Elemental Collection"


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Handmade with love in Nevada City, Ca by Earth Central's owner Ellie

Air Bender is a part of Earth's Essential's New "Elemental Collection" honoring the elements with 4 different blends, as you guessed this blend represents the element of Air.

Repeat this simple mantra as you apply this blend for clearer Air ways!

"I invite the element of Air into my life- to blow away any fears, anxiety or heaviness I may be feeling, replace those feelings with a sensation of lightness-as light as a feather, be here now. Blessed Be."


Air Bender- Made with a proprietary blend of DoTerra oils & Diluted with Fractionated Coconut oil

Directions: Roll onto chest, cup hands and breathe in the oils to aide in lung support & help break up funk in the chest

Primary Benefits: Soothing lung/chest discomfort caused by seasonal illness, invoking the element of Air