Phoenix Feathers "Elemental Collection"

Phoenix Feathers "Elemental Collection"


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Phoenix Feathers is a part of Earth's Essential's New "Elemental Collection" honoring the elements with 4 different blends, as you guessed this blend represents the element of Fire.

Phoenix Feathers:  Made with a proprietary blend of DoTerra oils & Diluted with Fractionated Coconut oil

Directions: Close your eyes and breathe in the spicy yet sweet powerful blend of Phoenix feathers. This mythical creature is known for being reborn & rising from it’s own ashes, a symbol of strength 

Repeat this simple mantra as you apply this blend for a fiery passionate sensation:

“I invite the element of Fire into my space to burn away any negativity that may be creeping in, let it light the fire within, to spark and ignite a passion of trying new things. Be here now. Blessed Be.

Primary Benefits: Feelings of strength, passion, fierce powerful energy, invoking the element of fire