Waning Moon Tea

Waning Moon Tea


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Maiden, Mother, Crone.
From the womb back to the stone.
Waning moon, the light dims soon,
Maiden, Mother, Crone.”

For the times of our moon where we just need womb support…an ease to the bite of moon-o-pause, to calm and subside the less than pleasant pains and pangs, to curb the ferocity of our hormones with a gentle coddling of herbs and roots.💗 For maidens, mothers and crones!

 This listing is for a 2.5oz bag of delicious herbal tea!

Vitex Berry (Harvested at Heaven & Earth Farm): Shown to balance the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus. Aids the relief of PMS symptoms, especially nervous tension and insomnia. It’s useful for treating absent or irregular menstruation and aids menopausal symptoms.

Black Cohosh Root: Reduces painful menstruation and menopausal symptoms; Most likely to relieve symptoms related to reductions or imbalances in the hormone estrogen

Cinnamon Bark: Rich in Antioxidants; Anti-Inflammatory; Protects Heart Health; Fights Blood Pressure Issues

Red Clover Leaf: Strengthens the Bones; Improves Cardiovascular Health; Treats Skin Inflammation; Fights Respiratory Infection; Reduces Menopausal Symptoms

Red Raspberry Leaf: Extremely Beneficial for the Female Reproductive System; Strengthens the uterine wall; Boosts Immunity; Good Source of Vitamin C; Relieves symptoms of PMS

Milk Thistle Seed: Protects & Detoxifies the Liver; Lowers Cholesterol; Improves Skin Health; Has Anti-Aging Effects

Milky Oat Tops: Calms stress and anxiety; Aids In better sleep; Boosts Libido; Healthy skin and hair; Skin and Bone Health

St. John’s Wort: Calming effect, aids in reducing stress & anxiety; Supports heart health; Believed to beneficial in preventing & treating cancer; Contains antibacterial properties

Schisandra Berry: Immune Support; Boosts Libido; Enhance the body's natural resistance and adaptation to stressful influences, Support mental endurance and promote overall metabolic efficiency; Adaptogenic Herb;

Nettle Leaf: Full of Vitamins & Minerals; Reduces Oxidative Stress; Powerful Pain Reliever; Contains Antiviral, Anti-fungal & Antibacterial Properties

Fennel Seeds: Improves Bone Health; Lowers Blood Pressure; Promotes Heart Health; Reduces Inflammation; Aids in Digestion

Star Anise: Used for treating cough & flu; Improves digestion; Alleviates cramps; Reduces nausea; Helps with gas, bloat, indigestion & constipation; Insect repellant; Fights viruses; Improves lactation; Eases menopause

Hawthorn Berry: Loved for its affinity of the heart; Member of the rose family; Heart elevating properties; Strengthen and uplift both physical and emotional heart; Supports cardiovascular function; Revered for ceremonial and spiritual purposes


Brew Instructions:

Steep:  Use 1 tablespoon of loose leaf tea per 10-12oz. of boiling water.
Steep for 3-5 minutes (depending on strength preference) ~ Sip Ritual.
Simmer:  Bring water to a low rolling boil and turn down to a simmer. 
Add 1 tablespoon of loose leaf tea tea to simmering water. 
Simmer for 3-5 minutes, then strain into a mug or mason jar ~ Sip Ritual.




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