Wild Eyed Botanicals

Steward of the earth. Weaver of Plants and Poetry . Peaceful warrior

Wild eyed Botanicals was created with prayer and reciprocity for the Earth and all inhabitants. Each herbal offering is made with wholehearted intention to ignite your bodies innate radiance and perfection. May our collective intention be to not compromise our own beauty for that of the planet. By choosing to live close to the earth and simply to support truly Wholistic businesses.

Brittany Leigh Mason is a Clinical herbalist, Cancer survivor and Holistic beauty expert. She has dedicated the last 10 years gathering her own experiences and knowledge about regenerative farming practices, ethically gathering wild food and medicine, endocrine/thyroid health and Herbalism. Having 4 years of formal training, she is currently taking Clients for Herbal consultations. Brittany radiates Love in all she does and is a wealth of radiant wisdom. Currently nestled in the rolling golden foothills of California. She spends most of her days writing, formulating poetic products, tending to her garden, and wild harvesting seasonally.

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