Forest Nymph Roller "Elemental Collection"

Forest Nymph Roller "Elemental Collection"


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Handmade in Nevada City, Ca by Earth Central's owner Ellie

Forest Nymph is a part of Earth's Essential's New "Elemental Collection" honoring the elements with 4 different blends, as you guessed this blend represents the element of Earth.


Forest Nymph- Made with a proprietary blend of DoTerra oils & Diluted with Fractionated Coconut oil

Directions: Close your eyes and breath in the scents of the forest, imagine being surrounded by tall cedars, firs and pines, mossy rocks and the cold wet forest floor beneath you, repeat this mantra as you apply over your heart,

“I invite the element of Earth into my space to ground me & give me strength, like the mighty Conifers- I am a direct connection to Gaia, Earth Mother. Be here now. Blessed Be.

Primary Benefits: Use this blend to elicit feelings of joy, happiness, connectedness and to honor and invoke the element Earth.