Mermaid Kisses Roller "Elemental Collection"

Mermaid Kisses Roller "Elemental Collection"


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Mermaid Kisses is a part of Earth's Essential's New "Elemental Collection" honoring the elements with 4 different blends, as you guessed this blend represents the element of Water.

Mermaid Kisses:  Made with a proprietary blend of DoTerra oils & Diluted with Fractionated Coconut oil

Directions: Close your eyes and imagine you are at the ocean, hear the waves, feel the soft breeze, warm sunshine, breathe in the sweet & fresh scents of Mermaid Kisses.

Repeat this simple mantra as you apply this blend for a sweet Mermaid kiss:

“I invite the element of Water into my space to wash away and cleanse my body, mind and spirit of all that ails me. I ask these healing waters to cleanse all the creatures of this planet, to heal those who are in need of healing. Be here now, Blessed Be.”

Primary Benefits: Use this blend to invite feelings of beauty, love, sensuality, sassiness, and all things mermaid! Also use for invoking the element of water.