New Moon Charcoal Botanical Face Mask

New Moon Charcoal Botanical Face Mask


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Inspired by the new moon, this lavender + charcoal botanical face mask powder is designed to deeply cleanse and detoxify your skin. It contains lavender and tea tree oils, which reduce inflammation and provides a cooling sensation.

◇ LAVENDER - kills bacteria, unclogs pores, reduces inflammation + discoloration

◇ TEA TREE - fights acne, soothes irritated or itchy skin

◇ CHARCOAL - pulls toxins deep from within the pores, balances oil production, gently exfoliate

◇ VOLCANIC ASH - absorbs dirt + oil, reduces the appearance of blemishes + dark spots

HOW TO USE - Mix equal parts powder and water (or liquid of your choice) until paste forms. Apply to clean face and let sit for 10 minutes or until dry. Rinse mask and moisturize as usual. This mask can be used 2-3x per week, or can be used daily as an acne spot treatment.

PRECAUTIONS - Avoid using metal bowls or utensils to mix your mask. The metal interacts with the clay and diminishes its detoxifying capacity.

One jar makes ≈ 7-12 masks


INGREDIENTS - Natural calcium bentonite clay, Lavandula x intermedia (lavender) powder, activated charcoal, special blend of essential oils, love + intention