Chaga Spagyric Tincture

Chaga Spagyric Tincture


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Feral Fungi Spagyric Tinctures are dual extracted from the fruiting bodies of fungi with distilled water and organic ethanol, compounded with purified mineral salts to create a unique and holistic extract

Chaga has become renowned for its use in supporting the innate function of the immune system. While it is a newer mushroom to the mainstream and relatively underexplored, its relationship with birch trees attests to its promising potential in supporting our innate health. This mushroom is governed by mars, which rules the blood and immune system.



◊ The body's ability to cope with oxidative stress

◊ The body's natural ability to regulate blood pressure

◊ The body's ability to protect itself from damage caused by harmful chemicals

◊ A reduction in our exposure to harmful microbials

◊ The body's innate immune system

◊ The body’s natural ability to promote healthy, normal cell growth

◊ A healthy inflammation response