River of Life Lymphatic Massage Oil

River of Life Lymphatic Massage Oil


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River of life lymphatic massage oil •
A deeply powerful blend of herbal allies to support one of the bodies main detoxification pathways via the lymphatic system.

.•.May help with anemia symptoms(cold hands and feet).
.•. Poor circulation
.•. Sluggish lymphatic drainage
.•. Menstrual cramps/ pelvic stagnation
.•. Indigestion

To support overall health and proper lymphatic function. This River of Life oil Is best used after dry brushing. For the ultimate Lymph loving massage. 

Ingredients: wild harvested ocotillo bark, violet, red clover, sagebrush, and rosemary infused Olive oil, black cumin seed oil, sesame oil, essential oils of rosemary, frankincense, sandalwood,ginger, and rosemary antioxidant.